In January 2004, the eyes of the country were focused on Iowa as the Democratic presidential candidates gathered for the famous Iowa Caucuses. Surprisingly, the front runner was upstart Howard Dean.

Take it Back brings us into the eye of what was called “The Perfect Storm” when thousands of Dean volunteers traveled to Iowa to help their candidate win the crucial first primary. It offers a grassroots view of the forces that propelled Dean ahead of the Democratic Party heavyweights, as well as those that brought Dean’s meteoric rise to an abrupt halt.

With great humor and poignancy, Take it Back follows several of the unforgettable characters who helped lift Dean into the national spotlight, and shows us from the ground up their hopes, their frustrations, and their determination to restore their vision of America.

Howard Dean says of the film:

We enjoyed the flashback. It is an excellent reminder of how important supporters were to the election. I still believe we can take our country back and that is what I am fighting for right now.

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